8 of the coolest built-in wine racks

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Showcase your vino collection in style with one of these amazing built-in wine storage systems…

When you splash the cash on a good drop, you should make the most of your investment by storing it properly. You can’t go putting those bottles just anywhere, you know. Ideally, you want to find somewhere cool and dark where the bottles can rest undisturbed. Oh, and keep them sideways if possible as this keeps the cork wet. If it dries out, oxygen can get in and spoil your wine.

Here are some of the coolest designs we’ve seen…

A hidden wine cellar in a garage - By Spiral CellarsGarage wine cellar by Spiral Cellars

This secret trap-door wine cellar is the stuff of dreams. It’s a guaranteed talking point at dinner parties, book clubs, or, hey, even with the postman. These cool subterranean wine cellars start at around £15,000 and go up to £70,000, depending on design, choice of door, lighting and any extra accessories you choose to customise your secret stash.
Plus if you ever had a bad day and needed a few hours to relax with a glass or two, you could easily disappear down here. One strategically placed rug and no one would ever know…

Brass room wine storage by Amuneal
A wall-mounted wine saddle by Amuneal in a brass bar room

A gold bar is always a winner in our book, but the clever use of floating bottle rests in this design by the uber-cool bespoke cabinetry company Amuneal sends it straight to the top of our wine wish list.

Glass wine cabinet in the wall of a study - by Spiral Cellars
Bespoke built-in wall wine storage by Spiral Cellars

Why have a wine rack, when you can have a wine wall? It was certainly the question on the lips of this homeowner who integrated his pride and joy into a workroom. This design is a great way to utilise space efficiently and create a fantastic feature akin to hanging a piece of artwork.

Kitchen wall-mounted wine rack
Picture by Instagram / @timbrownarch

Who says you have to hide your Shiraz away in the cellar? Use your drinking habit to help decorate your pad. This cool rugged design doubles up as wall art and adds a stylish focal point to the room.

Understairs wine storage
Image by Instagram / @ryansaghian

Now we’re talking! This masterpiece makes the most of the under stairs storage and is a brilliant way to show off your precious collection. Who wants a downstairs toilet anyway?

Black wine cellar with built-in wooden cabinets - Designed by Greg Natale - Image by Instagram
Black wine cellar with built-in wooden cabinets - Image by Instagram / @gregnatale

The dark polished wood and slanting shelves in this luxurious wine room have got gentlemen’s club written all over them. We can just picture George Clooney smoking a cigar on the wooden stools. The shelves are really easy to recreate on a budget and look tres chic in any home.

Alcove wine storage by Spiral Cellars

Wondering what to do with an alcove space? Bookshelves are nice enough, but this stunning wine cabinet adds a grown-up glamour to any shared space. The real problem is how thirsty you might get while you're watching the TV.

Now, all we have to do is buy enough wine to fill them or perhaps invest in a house with its own vineyard?


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