Can you spot what's amazing about this Las Vegas house for sale?

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If you look at this photo from a real estate listing in Las Vegas very carefully you might spot something quite strange...

When house hunting, it's common to draw up a wishlist of luxury extras; a swimming pool, a bar and maybe a guest house. This curious Las Vegas property offers all of the above, plus a vast landscaped garden, water fountain and even a golf course.

But this house has one big difference... the lavish estate is 26 feet underground! 

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Created for Avon Cosmetics executive Girard Henderson and his wife, Mary, the 14,620-square-foot bunker is packed with every luxury amenity you could wish for – apart from daylight. Even the stone exterior of the house looks like any other suburban house in an affluent Las Vegas neighbourhood. 

Despite its subterranean location, the dwelling features a tiled roof and faux brick exterior. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

Now on the market with Berkshire Hathaway, this incredible piece of surreal estate could be yours for a cool $18 million (£13.5m).

Apocalyptic architecture

In the 1970s, amid Cold War tensions and fears of a nuclear apocalypse, the Hendersons, like thousands of other Americans, decided to delve underground.

Bomb shelters quickly became big business, but the couple took the trend one step further with their majestic underground estate.

Mottled green carpet and plastic trees create the illusion of a large landscaped garden. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

Built beneath a ground-level residential home, the bunker is accessed via an elevator and internal staircase.

A chandelier, exposed beams and regency-style furnishings create a regal bedroom scheme. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

The lot includes both the subterranean structure and the street-level property, offering a total of five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Marble pillars frame an opulent corner bath, complete with a pink carpeted step. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

Throwback interiors

Inside, the underground estate is little changed from its 70s heyday. Bold interior statements include the candyfloss pink kitchen and the blush silk wallpaper adorning the bedroom and bathroom. 

Pink-trimmed cabinets pair with diamond pink floor tiles for the ultimate retro kitchen. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

A true time warp home, it comes complete with a fully-stocked retro bar, featuring neon signs and mid-century modern stools. We can't imagine a cooler place to drink away our end-of-the-world woes.

This colourful party room features a poker table, pink backlighting and a mirrored wall. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

Indoor-outdoor living takes on a whole new meaning in this unique property, with a resort-style pool, fountain, barbeque station and 6-hole golf course nestled within the bunker’s vast floorplan.

Faux boulders, trees and a rock walkway line the poolside. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

If residing underground would leave you itching for the outside world, fear not. The bunker comes with dramatic floor-to-ceiling murals of both the Las Vegas skyline and rural mountain vistas.

Plus, specially designed lighting has been rigged up to simulate daylight, dusk, night and dawn.

A tranquil fountain and rural landscape set the scene for alfresco dining. Image: Berkshire Hathaway

Only two miles east of the Las Vegas Strip, the bunker’s new homeowners will enjoy the buzz of a city location without the usual noise disturbances. Win-win!

When the apocalypse strikes, we know where we'll be heading...

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