Creepy room-to-rent ad offers shared bed

With tenants expected to take turns in a single bed, this could be the creepiest rental ad we've seen yet...

From rundown outbuildings masquerading as legit accommodation to tiny flats that apparently sleep seven, we thought we’d seen it all on the rental market.

But this particular advert really unsettled us. Not only does the landlord use social media to advertise the room rental, but the listing appears to suggest two strangers share a bed and sleep in shifts.

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The advert reads: "Rooms to rent. Available. 2 night time workers, 2 day time workers. Message for more details, ideal shift workers. If you no (sic) of some one kooking let em no we have this available."

For a mere $123 (though it’s not specified if this cost is per month or per week) the Australian-based landlord is offering a 50% share of a dodgy-looking single bed complete with children’s duvet set.

The landlord suggests a day and a night worker would be the ideal bedfellows as they can sleep in shifts, maximising rental profits from the room.

We don’t even want to think about what happens if the two residents happened to get the same day off and frankly we’re too disturbed to consider when the bedsheets would be washed...

Is this the weirdest house listing ever?

If you thought this listing couldn’t get any more creepy, we suggest you take a look at the wall, where you'll see a list of house rules written in pen. One of these bizarre instructions appears to read "keep cupboard doors closed at all times".

Even more absurd, above the bed is a small sign indicating that this is bed six, suggesting 12 people may share this rental.

The advert was picked up and shared by Facebook group Kmart Unhacks & Roasts where users were quick to post their disgust.

"Ugh. It’s a wonder she doesn’t want to fit an afternoon shift worker in there as well. Make sure that bed’s not having any empty time", said one, while another commented, "This is creepy and disgusting".

A third was shocked by the hygiene implications: "Sharing bed sheets with a stranger.... Nahhh, I'll pass!"

With hot-desking quickly becoming a phenomenon in space-starved offices, could hot-bedding become the latest trend in a pricy rental market? We sincerely hope not.

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Images: Facebook/Kmart Unhacks & Roasts


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